Utilizing Technology

We employ cutting-edge technology to help us provide the best customer service experience.


Our partner, Samsara, is a proven provider of tracking, maintenance and equipment monitoring for the transportation industry. Samsara’s tools let us gain real-time visibility across production facilities, remote assets, fleets, and end-customer services, to enable digital transformation on a massive scale. This service enables us to improve efficiency by leveraging weather and traffic data to accurately predict delivery times, examining idle time and monitoring fuel usage.


Coastal Plains uses Appenate to replace paper-based fieldwork activities. Except for customer required documents, the entire fleet operation is paperless. 


We employ telemetry technology to help us provide the best customer service experience. Telemetry allows us to monitor customer tank levels around-the-clock and send our trucks to replenish the water supply without our customers ever having to notify us that a delivery is needed. Sensors we install in the tank send notifications to both us and our customer when the levels drop to 50% and 25% of the tank capacity. The sensors will also send an alert if a large percentage of water is used in a short period of time, which could be indicative of a leak. All of this crucial information is collected and reported in an easy-to-use app, allowing our customers to focus on running their business instead of worrying about their tank levels and scheduling water deliveries. The app also provides usage tracking and helpful reporting for our customers. Our telemetry equipment can be installed on almost any tank and a five-year battery life keeps maintenance low.