Thank you for your interest in joining the Coastal Plains Trucking team! Coastal Plains Trucking uses Tenstreet for Verification of Employment (VOE). 

For more information, click here to email Cheryl Ducharme, Human Resources or call 830-996-3002. Employers: to verify former employment history with Coastal Plains Trucking, please click here to contact Tenstreet directly.

Department of Transportation (DOT) employment verification is a mandatory DOT background check on a driver prior to hiring.

Tenstreet's reporting includes:

  • Contact of past employers (for driving and non-driving positions)
  • Type of motor vehicle driven with previous job
  • How long you’ve been working with previous job
  • DOT previous employment verification form
  • Accident history, including details on injuries and fatalities
  • Previous alcohol test results with .04 or higher
  • Previous drug test results
  • Any refusals to take drug or alcohol test
  • Any other safety performance history
  • If there were any infractions, did the employee complete the return-to-duty process?

According to CFR 391.23, DOT verification requires these details from the past three years for all commercial drivers.

According to the Department of Transportation, any vehicle weighing over 10,000 pounds is considered a commercial motor vehicle. If the vehicle transports more than a certain amount of passengers or is used in transporting hazardous materials, it may qualify as a commercial vehicle as well.

Note that possessing a commercial driver’s license (CDL) has no bearing on whether you require DOT verification.